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Alfa Medical
59 Madison Ave
Hempstead, NY 11550
USA 1-800-801-9934
Canada 1-800-247-6493
Fax 516-489-9364
International 516-489-3855

Autoclaves and sterilizers trouble shooting guide
Autoclave repairs and service.
Cox Dry Heat Sterilizers (the worlds' fastest Dry Heat Sterilizer), Tuttnauer Sterilizers,
Pelton and Crane Sterilizers,
Sci Can Cassette Sterilizers,
Midmark Sterilizers, Spectronics,



Click for the sterilizer you need trouble shooting help with ...

All American 
American Sterilizer 613R
American Sterilizer 8816 
Anderson Gas
Castle 777 
Castle M7 
Market Forge 
MDT 5000, 5500, 6000
Midmark M9, M11 
Pelton & Crane Original OCM, OCR, OCR+, Sentry
Pelton & Crane OCM
Pelton & Crane OCR
Pelton & Crane OCR+
Pelton & Crane Sentry
Pelton & Crane FL2
Pelton & Crane MagnaClave
Pelton & Crane Validator 8
Pelton & Crane Validator 10
Pelton & Crane Delta 8
Pelton & Crane Delta 10

Pelton & Crane OCM
Prestige 210006
Prestige 210007
Prestige Century 2000 
Ritter M7 
Ritter M9 
Ritter M11 
Ritter 777 
Sci Can  2000
Sci Can 5000
Statim 2000
Statim 5000
Steri Dent Dry Heat
Speedclave 777 
Speedclave M7 
Vernitron 2000M 
Vernitron 2000E 
Vernitron 8000 
Wayne dry heat 
Wisconsin Sterilizers

Call 1-800-748-1259
or go to our autoclave streilizer autoclaves sterilizers


For assistance call 1-800-801-9934 and ask for Shlomo, Chuck,
Sonny, Jerry, Miriam, Ermani, John, Daphne, or Alin.