Problem Solution
No Control of Pressure/Temperature

A. Recalibrate form Cold Start

B. Resistance should be 1 MEG @ 77F + 20%

C. Measure Voltage from Common Terminal of Power Switch No.2 To Common Terminal of Function Switch if 120 Volts, Board is Open. If 0 Vac, Board is Good.

D. Possibility of Short in hot Side of Line. Trace Out Hot SIde of Line from Power Cord to Switches for a Short. Check Center Elements First.

Will Not Build Up To Sterilizing Pressure/Temperature

A. Check Door to Make Sure it is in the Locked Position and is Not Leaking.

B. Check Switch Position and Readjust if Necessary.

C. Use Level and Adjust Feet if Neccesary.

D. When Properly Filled, Water Should Cover Fill Plate.

E. Turn Clockwise to Call for More Heat.

F. Check Resistance of Element, It Should Be: * ~10 for OCM *~8 for OCR or OCR+

G. Recalibrate From Cold Start or Replace and Calibrate. (PCT042)

H. Check Resistance. SHould be 1 MEG @ 77F + 20%

I. Check Resistance 20K + 10%

J. Measure Voltage From Top Terminal of NO.1 Power Switch to Common Terminal of Function Switch. (If 120 Vac Board is Probably Open; If 0 Vac, Board is Probably Good). This is Provided There Is No Continuity Through Function Switch, OT Switch, and Heating Element.

K. Check Teflon Seats for Scoring or Trash Lodged Around Seats. If Scored, Replace. If Trash or Debris, Clean and Re-Assemble.

L. Check for Activation of Switch by Main Valve Cam. Adjust Position of Switch Arm so it is Depressed and Switch is Closed in the Sterilizer Mode.

M. Visually Check for Rocker Arm Depressing Push Rod in Sterilize Mode. Check for Clearance and Adjust (flatten) Cam Shaft if Necessary.

Thermometer Reads More Than 4F Below Required Temperature at Given Pressure.

A. Replace Bellows, If Necessary (PCB001)

B. Replace Temperature If Necessary (PCG050)

C. Replace Pressure Gauge If Necessary (PCG040)

D. Clean Air Valve Housing and/or Replace.

Thermometer Reads More Than 4F Above Required Temperature at Given Pressure.

A. Replace Temperature Gauge If Necessary

B. Replace Pressure Gauge If Necessary

Pilot Light Bulb is Slow to Light When Autoclave is Turned On.

A. Check Line Voltage

B. Replace Bulb (PCL027)

Timer Bell Will Not Ring at the End of Timing Cycle

A. Replace Timer if Necessary (PCT049)

B. Loosen Nut on Back Side of Bell and Recenter

C. Loosen Nut on Timer Shaft, Rotate Timer Until Top Mark is at 12:00 Position.

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