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Problem Solution
Temperature reads 190 instead of 375, what shall I do? 1. Press the 'On/Off/Stand by' button. This will turn unit off.
2. Press the cycle 1 and cycle 3 buttons and the 'On/Off/Stand by' at the same time.
3. This should put it in Fahrenheit mode.
4. In some cases, if it won't happen, repeat steps 1&2 again.
E-30 Over-heat condition. Observe back panel fan to insure it is working. Remove main back panel and clean out all dust. Retry.

Call for support if still having trouble.
E-31 Under-heat condition. Insure main chamber blower and back panel fan are all operational. Clean out dust after removing back panel. Retry.
Call for support if still having trouble.
E-12 The membrane switch needs to be replaced. Click here to order

This will sometimes pre-empt an E-31 code. Call for support

Sterilizer makes lots of noise Blower needs to be replaced in most cases. Click here to order
E-10 EPROM failure.  Call factory.
E-11 Ram failure.  Call factory.
E-13 Sterilizer needs to go back to factory
E-11 Sterilizer needs to go back to factory
E-20 Call 1-800-801-9934 for support
Not getting 375f reading Cool unit and clean fan in back.
Getting a flash on readout Unplug unit and plug back in.
I get a red dot (or dashes) on the display ... what shall I do? Usually this happens thru a power surge or unplugging the unit while it is ON.
Solution:  reset the unit by unplugging it and re plugging it again.
Replacing fuse. When replacing the fuse, replace fuse holder at the same time.

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